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Originally Posted by MaxSupernova View Post
I think it could be greatly simplified by having a simple "check this realm out for editing" mode, where only one can be editing at a time. No edit collisions then.

It's still a significant code effort, but less so than trying to reconcile simultaneous edits.
That only works with live database connections, which this program does not do. Even when you're logged in, you're edits are done locally, then you sync before logging off. How would you check for "editing mode" then?

Or say both people are editing offline, not even logged in. An hour later, one person logs in to sync, then logs off. An hour after that, the second person logs in to sync. Depending on what editing was done, the second person could overwrite what the first person did and could have things in his local copy overwritten that might have wanted to save and didn't realize had been edited in the cloud.

So, yeah, it's not quite all that simple. It would be NICE . . . but not simple.
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