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Originally Posted by Chemlak View Post
Huge warning flag!

Well, okay, maybe not quite that bad, but this is one of those "Whoa, there, do you know what you're asking?" things.

Say you have 2 GMs, at widely separated locations, who are both entering topics, and due to a slight mix-up in their communication, they both enter the same topic, and Sync.

Which topic will exist afterwards? Do the topics merge? Does one get destroyed by the second sync? Does it throw a sync error, and ask which copy to keep? If they merge, what order should the snippets appear in? Does it keep two copies of identical snippets?

These are just a few of the multi-GM syncing questions that LWD need to nail down before multi-GM support becomes viable. The syncing logic needs to be robust, safe, and make sure that info doesn't get lost. This is a big deal.

I expect it to happen, yes, but it might be a while before multi-GM support becomes a reality.
I think it could be greatly simplified by having a simple "check this realm out for editing" mode, where only one can be editing at a time. No edit collisions then.

It's still a significant code effort, but less so than trying to reconcile simultaneous edits.
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