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To report the end of this exercise: Realm Works' data folders are moved without re-installation to another drive. Directory junctions are used to make it work. No registry changes are required.
I also had some time to fool around and made App-V package...

The overview:
  1. Create the new folder structure at the destination drive. RW should be off.
  2. Move the each folder via robocopy or cut-paste in Explorer (we assume the permissions on the file system are set properly. If you doubt, robocopy with /COPY:ALL switch will keep them)
  3. Create directory junction point as specified above by using command line (mklink /j). This will redirect transparently for the application all read/writes to the other drive.
  4. Start RW. Enjoy.

Next challenge is to make it portable without virtualization technologies, but I assume the program is having hard-coded values that will prevent me to enjoy it running from external device without installation.

It just won't work.
I don't know what won't work, but as I stated above - I intended to move only RW's data files, not my whole profile.

Moving the home directory is pointless exercise, as described in the support article, and should be done in very specific cases and with the proper tools. Not in the middle of the life of existing installation.

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