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Unsure if anybody has coded for this yet (can't find it in the Community Repository), but I'm trying to create a Variant Multiclassing option for Kineticist. How do I edit the class's special abilities? Are their Field IDs visible somewhere that I could use as a reference?
Progressing along on getting the class abilities to manifest with access to the talents and infusions, but I'm struggling to figure out the Eval Scripts to manage effective levels for various abilities (treating Kinetic Blast as if their Kineticist level was their character level -6, or Elemental Defense as if their Kineticist level was 1/2 their character level, for example).

I used the VMC Sorcerer/Barbarian/Bard files for reference, but the closest script I can find to even get started is:

efflevel = field(cTotalLev).value

and yet Hero Lab stops compiling even with this simple script because:

Syntax error in 'eval' script for Thing 'csKinetici' (Eval Script '#1') on line 2
-> Invalid use of reserved word 'field' in script

Can anybody recommend some sample script to experiment with?

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