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Originally Posted by Bloodwolf View Post
I got a question Sendric.

I have everything done and it works great as is.

Currently the xKeenSenses and typDragon files in the current HL build will have to be replaced with the xKeenSenses2 and typDragon2 files in my file. Obviously I expect the "2" to be removed after the file is replaced. I simply used that to work with like I put a 2 at the end of all the dragon file names.

The question is. Do you want me to send you the files with needing to change the xKeenSenses2 and typDragon2 bootstrapped files in every dragon on the list to xKeenSenses and typDragon files after the current versions are replaced or do you want me to remove it now so that they will just auto update after the original is replaced?

Hopefully I explained that well enough.
Send it as is. I can easily remove the 2 if need be. Thanks for everything. The doc file will be a great help. I hope to be able to put together the next release once I integrate your changes.
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