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Hey, I am trying to make a new material for weapons. I thought I had it figured out but now I am getting an error. The material adds +1 to hit and damage but that isn't a magical property or enhancement bonus. It should stack with everything. I took the code from another ablity and copied the phase and priority

 Phase Post-level (users) Priority 1100
container.parent.field[wDamBonus].value += 1
  container.parent.field[wAttBonus].value += 1
I got a bow of elvenkind that was custom made for my diety. I removed the eval script to only work for elves. I got that to work fine and the script for variable strength bonus works perfectly. Well the dm decided to add that new material to my bow and I keep getting an error when trying to combine them. Also after I do the material change for the bow the original material change seems to also get the same error now.

Phase Post-Attributes (Users) Priority 5000 Index 1
field[wMaxStr].value = hero.child[aSTR].field[aModBonus].value

Phase Post-level (users) Priority 1100 Index 2
container.parent.field[wDamBonus].value += 1
  container.parent.field[wAttBonus].value += 1
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