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As the others said, the access paths are actually not very good for DD at all. The ones who get the most out of DD are probably Cleric and Druid. Dragon Arcana grants access to some very juicy arcane spells, like True Strike and Haste.

At higher levels, the Dragon Form is actually not very good. It technically locks you out of casting (although I might overrule this as a GM), and it's a mediocre melee combatant, as most forms are.

So the feats that really matter for DD are: Dragon Arcana and Scales of the Dragon. Scales of the Dragon gives you a much needed AC boost while in Dragon Form, but also all other battle forms. A druid can get some good use out of that, since the low form AC is one of the main downsides.

Claws are pretty character specific, I'd prefer if it was a bite, but some builds can get good use out of them. They're pretty weak as a main attack outside of battle forms.

The breath feats are somewhat decent, but they're a hard sell when you've got so few feats. I'd be more interested in picking them with double class feat or Free Archetype rules in play.
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