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I built a Dragon Disciple as a challenge to try to recreate a players old 3.x Dragon Shaman he played during a PF1 campaign years ago. There's no real way to duplicate all that classes features but I made a Champion and then took the Dragon Disciple dedication class feat at 4th level and just kept adding those feats for Dragon Disciple in the APG when they were available as I leveled him up.
The player was into the claws, extra armor and breath weapon of that class and eventual wings they get so I figured those were best choices.
Really wasn't trying to optimize the character, just for fun I was trying to see how old material can be recreated in PF2. I saw a few posts on Paizo's forums say the dedication isn't that great for one reason or another but with these archtypes you never know what feats might be available later, like if they release a dragon related bestiary for example or some Lost Omens regional book which adds more options to take
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