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Originally Posted by Sp1k3gh0st View Post
Are there any pre made 3.5 Story anywhere so I could know how to make one completly , because right now I'm totally lost with the program since it's my first time using something like this. Anyone may help me ? Thanks
I think they are selling Raven's Call in the store. It's Midgard, but easily adaptable. Me, i'll copy a setting if i can i'm not gonna type the whole book out. If i get my hands on a PDF that I legally bought i have the legal right to create one copy.

If it's just my world then it's usually just some notes and reminders for myself. I find the NPC part of RW particularly useful. As are the stuff for various cities and towns. That way you can remind yourself of any rivalries, plots and schemes. But for me it's more like a laundry list.

Crap, Sp1k3gh0st, i told you i'd send you one, didn't I? Looking up it sees i did. But that was probably the last time i posted in here. I have a question and i was gonna ask it and check back in a week or so, you'll see me up on the boards in like a minute. Theres a Realmworks group on facebook I believe If Daplunk still runs it. If your having trouble getting activity here, you might consider going there (But you'd have to ask Daplunk).

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