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I can offer you some suggestions (i'm a 5e person as well but don't hold that against me).

I start with creating my realm for a given season (in 5e Adventurers League (AL)), a season usually/not always coincides with a book release and consists of a series of modules. This allows me to use more of the features of RW to manage the story.

Under the events, i'll start with a storyline. This is to represent the module I'm working in. So in this case I may have multiple (typically around 10-12) stories. Each story can represent a single adventure (typically 2-4 hours). Inside the story i'll keep an overview of what is happening, names of major quests (more on this) Basically notes for me about what that story is going to be about.

Under the story, i'll define quests. This is where i'll have notes on things that i need to say, notes on conversation points for NPCs, etc. Basically this is the exploration and roleplay section of this particular quest.

Inside of a quest i may have a scene. This is where i may have things like maps and encounters (I use Hero Lab Classic (HLC)) as well so I have the encounters setup in there. This allows me to use the HLC tactical console to control things. It also allows me to have the encounter tailored to the strength of the party. I also keep notes on what kind of tactics the monsters use.

As I go along, i add things like people/groups/places so i get the links built, then go back later to fill in details. I would look over the alias option for a name, lets you do things like make the link case sensitive so Goblin gets a link but goblin does not.

Just some ideas to get you going.

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