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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
Was this copied from something of ours? This is not handling the name generation the way I would expect it to - not using the most efficient way.

Among the editor settings should be duration settings - there should be a selector for the units for the duration. Then, in the automatic livename options should be a checkbox to include the duration. Then, you can delete the line that's setting the duration in the script.
Yes its one of yours its the many form mythic ability cMArManFor. I copied it as directly as I could by manually duplicating every thing I could see into a new house ruled one I shared (original is one of the non-saveable/copieable items) so I could add the tier 9 upgrade to 1 hour per tier but so far I've made no changes from the original. I'll try an do what you suggest when I'm off work tonight.
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