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Yes, ask them here! Thanks!

At this point in the game, the idea was to be able to track a starting character with default skill costs. So, you could give yourself new skill ranks but would have to make sure the cost of them is what you have earned in xp. I have not implemented the levels of Alternity yet.

Unfortunately, the advancement system is not done. A few things can be advanced, such as skills, but I need to work out the cost for them within the advancement system. And a very good note on the teaching items for it being cheaper. I have to remember that as I work on it.

I think you just set my new priority! I'm hoping to keep working on updates and I will be looking into these for the next one!

Actually, you bring up a good point. Would it be better if you couldn't see tabs for things that you can't do? Or should I leave them all there for what is coming?


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