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If I create content in Realm Works, I would like a portable, printable version of my work to share with friends or to use or reference offline. Right now, I do my work in Word or Scrivener or Evernote or LibreOffice or FreeMind. With any one of those, I can print a document that I can put in a binder or on an E-Reader and work from there. As it stands, if I put all my work into Realm Works, I would have no way to take my work with me in a printed form. To do so, I would have to double my time and effort by maintaining two separate copies of my work in two separate formats, manually cloning changes in both products.

I've watched your videos, and the product looks great, so far. But I'm almost certain that many other people are going to want a feature to export their content to a printable form. It doesn't have to be in 1.0. People who have waited this long for your official release of 1.0 will wait longer for added features. I would guess that a well-designed export-to-document feature (Word, ODF, HTML, PDF, EPUB, something like that) will double or triple the usefulness and desirability of Realm Works.

For example, something even as basic as the following example would be very handy.
  • TOPIC (People, Places, Things, etc)
    • <Object Name> (Person, Place, Thing)
      • Snippets
        • <Snippet 1> (full text, any links can be bold or underlined)
        • <Snippet 2> (same as above)
      • Relationships
        • <Relationship 1> (listed by name only, just for reference)
        • <Relationship 2> (same as above)

If the topic or object is a plot, you could have additional subheadings of:
    • <Plot group>
      • <Plot Element, by name>
        • <Element Text/Snippet>
        • Preceded by: <Immediately previous element(s)> (Multiple elements can be comma delimited or listed as separate bullet points.)
        • Followed by: <Immediately following element(s)> (Multiple elements: same as above.)

But, that's just a suggestion to give you an idea of what I'm thinking in regards to my request.

What about all you other gamers? If I'm right, chime in, so they know.

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