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I think there is a way to check for a race tag and if it's present it will treat the weapon as one handed and if it's not present it will treat it as 2 handed.

I have it working but the way I had to do it - evildmguy will have to add a tag to the Weren race such as the following - <tag group="Race" tag="Weren"/>

because I haven't figured out how to add a tag that isn't already defined, except to go into his data files, if we do that when he up dates, it will erase what we have done so he will have to do it. I did add it to the Weren race to test it out and to see if it would work and it does.

after that is done you would need to go into the editor and make your weapon and set your weapon to one handed and then make the following Eval script as follows

Phase: Traits Priority: 5000

if (hero.tagis[Race.Weren] < 1) then
perform hero.assign[Hero.Hand]

then save

If the tag is set up on the Weren race, it looks to see if the race is chosen and if it is the said weapon works 1 handed if any other race is chosen it becomes a 2 handed weapon.

I checked it out already and it works but I had to add the tag above to the race thing data file under Weren to get it to work.

if there is an easier way to do it let me know.

Hope this helps
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