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The following differences i have found in the Harad sourcebook:
Very sorry if this one is confusing!!!

War Mumak of Harad page 13
Special rule Awesome Presence, Fearless!, The Crew are missing.

Mumak 5 special rules and descriptions are missing for the move phase
Mumak 2 special rules and descriptions are missing for the shooting phase
Mumak 5 special rules and descriptions are missing for the combat phase

Im guessing for the above rules that there wont be enough space for all of them. And it would take an age to write them all out.
An option would be to create a special rule called move phase rule with a description saying please refer to page 11 of Harad scourcebook or pages 52 , 53, 54 and 55 of the orb.
And do the same for the shooting phase rules and the combat phase rules.

Equipment: Mahud should say Mahud Beastmaster Chieften. Special Rule and profile stats are missing for this character.

Not sure how your going to add this or if it's even possible? As this is a seperate figure. Maybe leave it as an equipment option and for the description just put please refer to page 13 of the Harad scourcebook or page 158 of the orb.
Or create a new figure profile called War Mumak of Mahud which would be identical to the first but instead of the haradrim chieftens profile below the Mumak have the Mahud Beastmaster Chieftens profile. Just some thoughts.

Dalamyr, Fleetmaster of Umbar page 15
Smoke Bombs description currently says If he wins a combat he will strike. Should say if he wins a combat he will not strike.

Watcher of Karna page 17
Special rule Steely Nerve missing and description.

Mahud Warrior page 19
Defence is 5 not 4/5

Mahud Raider page 19
Defence 5 not 4/5 also
Camel is missing and description
Special Rule Impaler missing and description.

Hope this all helps
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