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The following differences i have found in The Khazud-Dum sourcebook:

Dain Ironfoot, King of Erebor page 9
Special Rule Barazantathul description need to add but he does not suffer the usual -1 penalty on the roll to win the fight in to the description

Murin & Drar page 9
Murin defence is 8 not 7/8

Gimli page 10
Axes of the dwarves move from equipment to specialist section

Vault Warden Team page 13
Foe Spear fight value is 4 not 4/4
Iron Shield fight value is 4 not 4/4
defence is 9 not 7/9

Dwarf Ballista page 14
Dwarf Crewmen: Specialist section should be Dwarf Engineer Captain not Gondor Engineer captain
Description is missing for Dwarf Engineer Captain (description is found on page 68 of the orb)

Dwarf Ballista Special rule Piercing shot missing and description.

Equipment Option: Better construction change to superior construction (not a major deal) also the description for this is missing (description is found on page 68 of the orb)

Wild Warg Chieften page 18
Special Rule Packlord description change white warg to wild warg

Moria Goblin Drum page 20
Drums in the deep description is missing

Hope this helps

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