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It is a tight line to walk, I am going to eventually add all the new domains and spells from Forgotten Realms into the data I am working on. Mostly because the Pantheon would be weakened without those elements. Forgotten Realms is a huge setting with a great deal of gods and goddesses. I would not feel satisfied with a simple conversion or skipping of material (Hence my personal distaste for 4th edition's version of the setting).

Some things I am going to change or skip when converting though. Like the Daylight Adaptation Feat, this is handled better as an Alternate Racial Trait instead. Weaken Darkvision from 120 to 60 feat and remove the daylight sensitivity. You are making an equivalent exchange with such a thing so there is no need for a feat that basically does this if the ART will do it just as well and still leave your player a feat for it.

A little background: I have been Dungeon Mastering for over 20 years. I have a good feel for balance in these games and did my own conversion work for Dark Sun into Pathfinder (which is a work in progress as well). The conversion stuff is not too hard but does require some familiarity with how things work. If you feel something would work better as an ART than a feat, it probably should be an ART. This will save some work on the feats list as Faerun is notorious for its long list of new feats added per book. This will be a massive undertaking to finish, but I have started the campaign setting book and will be working with it carefully.
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