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Alright, I now have Hero Lab, I'm going to start work on adding in Arcana Unearthed content soon, however I am almost certain I will need help on it. I'm almost sure there are things like Spellfire that are very hard to add via the normal editor and will require XML coding to work properly, knowledge of which I have none.

On another note. Can someone please add Spellfire if at all possible? It's in The Magic of Faerun.

EDIT: Ran into a problem. I need to basically add another spellcaster type and a few special rules for spellcasting. AU casters ALL cast the same way, no difference between divine and arcane. Also, they cast both like a sorcerer and a wizard. Every day they pick a spell list and ready those spells, then they're able to cast them spontaneously. They can also split and combine spell slots in a process called weaving. Probably the last problem with this is the different spell classes. Simple, Complex, and Exotic. All casters get simple, and must take feats to get each level of complex spells. Exotic spells are ones you need a feat to just cast a specific one of. Magisters get all complex spells though. I don't know how in the world this could be added...

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