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Well, I'm certainly no expert. The best advice I could give is to go through the same file (CAdv - Feats) and click through each feat. On the right there is a button marked "Eval Scripts". Look for feats that have a number next to that (x1, x2, etc) and click on it. These scripts are used to change the character in some way. Some scripts you can find by searching this forum, others you can find by duplicating a similar ability/feat/etc (use New (Copy) in lower left in appropriate tab). The important things are Phase, Priority and the script itself. I don't really know how to determine what Phase and Priority should be other than by copying what others have already done. I'm sure there's some write-up about it, though.

BTW, I went to copy in the Natural Bond script as an example, and I think that one is wrong. I don't believe it takes into account the bonus to the effective druid level cannot exceed the character's hit dice.

This is the script I use for Pathfinder, and it appears to work for D20 as well:

var bonus as number
bonus = #totallevelcount[] - #levelcount[Druid]
bonus = minimum(bonus,3)
hero.childfound[cAnimComp].field[CompLevel].value += bonus

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