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Good idea I meant to do this and kept forgetting. This thread is ONLY for Community Created 3.5 D&D data set.... Thanks.

Originally Posted by OgrePuppy View Post
Where would you like bugs reported?

I'm having trouble with the Obscure Lore feat (Complete Adventurer): it doesn't recognize my cloistered cleric as having the Lore ability.

Edit: I entered the Editor and found the Pre-req section....I just have NO IDEA how to indicate that it should allow the cloistered cleric through.

Or, is the cleric wrong and Lone Wolf's devs need to bugfix the class so that it has a "Lore" tag or something?

Aha! I added a line once I figured out the Cloistered Cleric's Unique ID (cCClLore) and it no longer shows that I don't meet the requirement!

....Sadly, it also doesn't add +4 to my Lore ability, and I can't see where you'd increase Lore by +4 in the data file.
OgrePuppy is the Cloistered cleric an official class in HL or part of our data set? I am just not sure myself.

Let me know if you can and I will have some time this weekend to take a quick look at this. Just remember if you make any changes directly to Lawful_g data set those changes will be overridden in the next update.

If you do fix this please send me the .user file you changed with a quick note of what you changed and I will have it put into the next release. You can email me at ShadowChemosh(at)yahoo(dot)com.


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