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Originally Posted by Duggan View Post
Try the Rules Editor under Tools / Launch Editor. There's a tab for equipment. In my opinion, it's pretty transparent to implement.
I used the editor to make some custom changes to equipment, but the editor doesnt calculate the points worth of the changes.

I guess I need to build the equipment as a power, see the cost, and then go to the editor, copy the equipment I wat to change, change it's unique ID change all I want to change and then edit the cost according to the power I build earlier.

It seems a lot of work to make a minor change like adding +1 to the damage of a rifle or a gun.

Why cant there be an option to make an equipment just like a power ? Use it with all the powers options, let us name it as the equipment we want (AK47, UZI, Mod AK 47 ...) and let the HL calculate the EP automatically as it does a power and then calculate the "real" points it cost.

You can also use the option (that is build-in in the editor) to "copy" or use "pre-made" powers and equipment as equipment or powers. (for example: copy an existing power to make it equipment)

can it be done ?

If it is too much, can I ask that the editor will have the option to automatically calculate the power cost according to the rules (and let us choose if to use the automatic calculation or change it as we see fit) ?

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