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FWIW, what I am looking for in this sort of product is not particularly system-specific, but something I can use to track events and people.

The key items for me:
-Fully customizable calendaring: The ability to set up customized weeks & months, as well as times that fall outside of those periods (festival weeks that are not part of any month, for example)
-Tracking of Lunar phases for several moons of varying periods
-Routing of NPCs ("In Early June, Grog the Mad can be found in Scarfhaven, Mid-June he takes the two-week Journey to his summer residence in Blicksburg, staying there until late September, etc, etc"). In the ideal, I could set a 'schedule for various NPCs, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly, so that at a given calendar date/time, I know who (of my tracked NPCs) is in the city of Nod's landing , and what they are doing.
-General Event Handling (with reminders) so that I can schedule important events and remain aware of them.
-General hyperlinked databasing, so if I can (for example) select a city, and choose from the list of NPCs (or Buildings, etc), and bring up the entry for that NPC.

Things I'd *like*, but can live without:
-Weather handling that is reasonably consistent (weather gets colder as seasons change, rain is preceded by overcast, that sort of thing) for perhaps 5 'Regions' (in a world spanning campaign they might be latitude bands, while in a smaller campaign I'd use 'Desert', 'Mountains', etc)
-Full interconnected linking of Data. (Grog was born in City A *link*, lives in City B *link*, and is currently in City C *link*. He is a member of The Brotherhood of Soap Merchants *link*...and if I Select City A, I see all of the people/orgs assoicated with it, and if I click on an Organization, I see all of the members of that organization) - the perfect example of this is an abandoned Corel Product, InfoCentral. I used to use this until I changed to Windows7, which won't run it
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