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I'm very interested in a product of this type and haven't seen one made available yet that has been worth purchasing... Hero Lab has certainly met nearly every expectation and desire I've had in character generation software, so I have high hopes for Realm Works.

While I understand official announcements are forthcoming, I thought I'd drop a few questions about Realm Works in the hopes that little bit of info will be revealed... and perhaps get a bit of discussion going about what others want in a product of this type. So...

#Will it have a built in document editor for compiling notes, images, PDFs, and other files?

#Will it support extensive hyper linking and searching?

#Will you be able to organize gaming material via a tree like folder structure? Ie, similar to outlining software.

#Will it have a flowchart view that can track a group's progress along a plot/adventure? Possibly have it correspond to a tile map ala Masterplan.

#A blurb on a blog mentioned the product will keep certain information from players. Does this mean that it is a multi-user and/or networked product?

#Will it license certain systems and be able to display various stats, tables and whatnot, similar to a GM screen, or even say SRD type data?

#Will it feature a scripting engine to handle text objects in order to pull randomly generated data from tables?

#Will you be able to import character data and keep track of player and npc stats, abilities, and inventories... and update them dynamically?

Anyway, those are just a FEW of the features I'd love to see in a product of this type.
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