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Originally Posted by Greebo View Post

Besides, we were promised regular updates, even if there was more or less nothing to report.

Maybe it is time for another Kickstarter to collect funds to pay for another dev, who can focus on RW and RW alone.
My apologies for the confusion! The promise of regular weekly updates even when we had nothing to report was for the completion of the Kickstarter and getting the Content Market out, not for the remaining life of the product. I absolutely will continue to give updates when we have new items relating to the product to share and am excited to continue to do so. The best place to look for those is in our newsletter and various other locations where we communicate, such as here or social media.

As much as we would love to hire on a new dev to replace those we've lost, it's unlikely we will do another Kickstarter for RW anytime in the near future, too many things can potentially go wrong and we don't want to put that on our consumers.

Originally Posted by EightBitz View Post
So much for the previously solid and constant assurances of nothing being slowed down because of separate teams.
That was our promise to KS backers as we pushed to complete the Content Market for our KS obligations, which we've completed. I also promised the truth, I sadly can't always make that truth what everyone hopes it to be. Currently, we are focused on the future health and longevity of our business as a whole. While I do understand that may not be what you would wish, it is the path we as a company must take to ensure future support for all our products, Realm Works included.

Originally Posted by evildmguy View Post
Yes to what @Conandy said, for the most part.

My own experience has been that I only check back every six months to a year to see any updates. Part of the problem was expectations but my own realization of my style. In the end, I need something that lets me put in ideas and notes as I'm gaming, not a system that seems to require all data entered into it and during a session, I just click to reveal things.

64bit helped and it's faster. It's still not at a level where pen and paper is faster for me. It might never be? I don't know. or it needs a whole new area for notes that I can type as I game, like a scratch pad, to put someplace later? Or the ability to record and convert to text? Or something?
A dedicated section just for in game note taking sounds great! I'll add it to our list of potential ideas.

Originally Posted by evildmguy View Post

I think I was also really excited for the content market to have a lot of little one shot freebies, like an Inn or other buildings, including something that I could contribute to, over time but it seems like that's not the case, either. Or it's just that extra step of work.

Ah, well.
Rob and I both agree that small items in the Content Market such as buildings, inns, and one-shot dungeons would be a great addition. We have a few ideas on how to make this happen once we get back on that track.

We are still supporting Realm Works and have every intention of continuing to do so. Once things calm down, we hope to be able to assign people back to working on Realm Works full time again. The only thing close we have to a roadmap at this juncture is the intention to eventually add newer systems to the program and exterminate the bugs scampering around inside.
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