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Originally Posted by Maidhc O Casain View Post
The problem is, there will always be enough to work on for their "money making" software that RW will get minimal (if any) time. Look at the history of HLC and PF1 - Paizo cranks out new material at such a rapid pace that LoneWolf struggled to "fully implement" many of the rules, because they were so busy partially implementing every new book that came out.

The Content Market was supposed to be the way RW makes money, but with such a limited selection it ain't gonna make much...

I fully understand the need to make money and to prioritize accordingly. But, in my humble opinion, there will always be enough Paizo related work around to have an excuse to neglect RW proper. as well as other potential products for the Content Market.
And, I for one do not play Pathfinder, which means, I will not spend money on it.

Besides, we were promised regular updates, even if there was more or less nothing to report.

Originally Posted by Parody View Post

I doubt they'd sell (it seems like a passion project for Rob) but you never know.
Maybe it is time for another Kickstarter to collect funds to pay for another dev, who can focus on RW and RW alone.

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