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Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
Surprise? PF2's release date was announced over a year ago.
They may have been surprised by the Playtest announcement just like we were, about four months before Gen Con 2018. Between then and the holiday/end of year break they'd be focused on implementing and keeping up with the Playtest rules. There'd be a pause at the start of 2019, perhaps just enough time to finally launch the Content Market, and then full-bore on PF2 again once Paizo had the rules finalized.

Even if LWD got word before the announcement, it probably wouldn't have been too much earlier.

Originally Posted by Conandy View Post
Who wants to join forces and buy the IP for RW from LWD so we can turn it into the game changer it should be? Since it apparently isn't a money maker, we should be able to purchase it cheap.
I doubt they'd sell (it seems like a passion project for Rob) but you never know.

Originally Posted by Farling View Post
The dev license cost for DevExpress might be expensive.
Their website says the base cost is between $1,000 and $2,200 per year per developer on the project.

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