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Originally Posted by daplunk View Post
From BJ

We aren't being quiet because we're hiding anything, we're being quiet because there is just absolutely nothing to report on the RW front beyond some PF1 society releases that released as I was heading to Gen Con and the already announced server time being available to purchase.

Realm Works is our passion project, but currently, we need to focus on the products that pay the bills. With the surprise of PF2 coming out and needing to get it all into place before PF1 sales drop off entirely we had to pull pretty much everyone off other teams to ensure it was even remotely close to done on time. We are still supporting Realm Works and have every intention of continuing to do so but at the end of the day we are a business and we have to make sure we take the steps to ensure all our products, Realm Works included, continue to be available for many years to come. Once things calm down, we hope to be able to reassign people back to working on Realm Works again and get fixes and new systems in place.
The problem is, there will always be enough to work on for their "money making" software that RW will get minimal (if any) time. Look at the history of HLC and PF1 - Paizo cranks out new material at such a rapid pace that LoneWolf struggled to "fully implement" many of the rules, because they were so busy partially implementing every new book that came out.

The Content Market was supposed to be the way RW makes money, but with such a limited selection it ain't gonna make much...
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