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Originally Posted by sanshou View Post
HLO seems to want you to pay for each product and license. So if I order SR6 but want to also add Pathfinder, I have to pay again above and beyond the subscription price. So my subscription price only has the value for updates to the web app and simple core rules updates. I assume that even new source books like in classic require more additional payments above and beyond the subscription price. This just does not add up to value for me considering what I am seeing as the subscription price of $35... (maybe that is just the up front price for the products plus subscriptions and the actual subscription price is lower which may change my opinion some). If Netflix charged me $15 a month and $10 every month to add new movies, I would not pay the $25 and definitely would not pay the $15 to just keep access to old movies.

The subscription price for HLO is ~$2 a month. Not bank breaking and it's to pay to keep the servers up. I highly doubt that it is intended to be a profit center. They also need to pay Paizo the licensing fee for each item sold too.

It sounds like from other posts that LWD is looking at providing a subscription that gives you access to content, without paying for each item. Though this I am sure will be more in line with netflix pricing.
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