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Originally Posted by Tekwych View Post
-LWD is giving up control of the user interface to whatever browser the end user has. While they can try to control it the browser manages how the code gets implemented. Often modern CSS and HTML needs numerous adjustments to get a browser to even display the page.
This is a good thing, one interface for all devices, right now they have three code GUI code bases for the three supported platforms, they moved it to just one. Easier to maintain. Also the CSS and HTML differences are usually handled by whatever tools are being used, i.e React, etc.
-LWD is giving up user experience to extremely random internet connections and speeds. Yes they do the same to platform, processor, and RAM but at least you can set standards.
I think this is related to the server issues and not bandwidth on the device, the bandwidth they claimed was somehing like 100-200kB an hour even the slowest internet can handle that.
-LWD is giving up control of the technology. I would hope they had learned with Realm Works. They wrote all their code to work on a code base written by another company who then upgraded and stoped support for several things that RW required. The issue put LWD in a serious hole and there is no guarantee that the rug wonít be pulled out from under them again.
This is a cycle you can't get away from really. Look at them recently porting to HLC to 64bits, things change and need to be upgraded.
-In the USA it is believed that over a third of the population has no high speed connection within 25 miles of them (the communications companies claim less than 10% while some research companies are claiming as high as 50%). By placing your product as online only you cut the potential number of customers and will, in the long run, make far less profit.
Not really, don't need high speed for this, 100-200kb/hr not an issue for low speed bandwidth, plus I doubt your figure is accurate according to the FCC:
As of year-end 2016, 92.3% of all Americans have access to fixed terrestrial broadband at speeds of 25 Mbps/3 Mbps, up from 89.4% in 2014 and 81.2% in 2012.
-The customer is losing all control of THEIR data. My characters, my story lines, my plot hooks are mine to control and use. By placing them online only I am now a hostage of some company. I can hope that they wonít sell my ideas to someone else. I can hope they donít hold my data hostage for who knows what. Then, what happens when they go out of business
LJ answered this, but I'll give you a tin foil hat for effort.
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