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I guess I'm dense.

Sounds to me like you have a couple of scenarios.

1. article named 'Green Sun' with an unspecified number of aliases with the word 'Green' in the alias name fields. Then you could have other articles use either the main name or the aliases to link back to the main article.

2 you have several different articles that contain the word 'green', 'Green', 'gReen', etc that are supposed to be different articles with different aliases and you don't want those to become interlinked.

if it's the first case, I don't see a need for this.

If it is the second case, I'd find this highly confusing and a pain to remember what linked where or when and I don't think you or anyone would want to have auto-linking turned on at all in this case. Also, I wouldn't want to import a realm like that into my version of realmworks, even if it was distributed free of charge (provided it isn't violating any copyright or Intellectual Property issues).

In my opinion, it would be more useful to put some kind of descriptor in the name or alias field that makes it clear what it is. 'Green Sun (organization)', 'Green Sun (leader)', 'Green Sun (war master)', 'Green Sun (economist)', 'Green Sun (weapons)', 'Green Sun (ships)', etc.

I also suppose this could be more of an organizational issue then a naming issue. 'Green Sun' should probably then be at the top of the article hierarchy with nested sub-articles breaking down the information. As an example you could have 'Green Sun personal equipment' and then under that hierarchical branch you would have 'firearms', 'melee weapons', 'armor', 'uniforms', 'communications', etc. In this case, I wouldn't want the words 'green' or 'sun' in any case to link except as a full field matches with or without case sensitivity.

So, by the examples given, I'd probably have to come down on KB666's side. Mostly because I can see this becoming so convoluted and confusing as to make the entire work useless.
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