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Originally Posted by Randall Jhen View Post
Having two different case sensitive names in a topic makes sense when a topic name may be capitalized in some instances and not capitalized in others. Take, for instance, these examples:

1. The Green is renowned for its abundant, explosive life.
2. Settlements are hard to find in the Green, because whole forests may spring forth from the ground overnight.

Linked topic name: Green Sun
Linked topic alternate name: The Green (case sensitive)

This name combination will capture example 1, but not example 2. If I add "the Green" (case sensitive), in an effort to capture examples 1 and 2, the OK button is grayed out.

Also, I'm not using an import tool. I'm copy-pasting from a PDF. And this isn't about auto-accepting links; it's about preventing false positives.

Silveras, thank you for understanding and explaining my meaning.
Why include the article at all? Your entire problem is that you have added something to the name that doesn't need to be there.

If you were not doing a mass import then this wouldn't be an issue. Clicking ok few times per article is nothing.

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