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Originally Posted by PGoodman13 View Post

perform hero.childfound[wpUnarmed].field[wpDamage].value += 2
Getting a different syntax error now when I try to compile/test it: "Error in string expression." I don't happen to see an error there, but I'm a game writer and not a developer.
Originally Posted by Farling View Post
I think "perform" invokes a function, whereas "blah += 2" is an expression that would normally be on its own line. (But I'm not fully up to speed on their scripting language.)
Glad i didn't break anything.

And Farling is correct. Just drop the perform. Since you are working with the value of a field, you don't need it.

The way i look at it is if you're doing something to the overall pick (on the hero) or thing (item in general) you need the perform. otherwise if you're working with values/text of a particular item, you don't. That help?

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