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Originally Posted by Ualaa View Post
I suppose the other consideration is whether you have a Realm per adventure, or one Realm with every adventure for the given game system.

An optimal approach might be an adventure neutral Realm, for the game rules, whether spells, classes, geography, maps whatever.
And import that into a new Realm, for a given adventure.

I'm personally going with a single Realm for everything Pathfinder related.
But my Realm isn't that large yet.
We've finished one campaign and I'm adding information for the second, set within the same world.
Actually, I've been doing adventure neutral Realms literally just for mechanics - skip the geography and maps altogether. Those get added into the Realm where the adventure takes place, along with whatever modules, AP, or additional storylines/hints I want to add. I've toyed with the idea of system-neutral Realms for geography, maps, and characters within a given world/setting - leaving things like statblocks empty to be filled in with appropriate statblocks for the game system, but I haven't gone beyond simply toying with the idea yet, simply because I'm still collating mechanics data.

30+ years of RPGs leaves one with a metric crapton of notebooks, scraps of paper, and assorted maps, books, and materials to sort, decipher, and in some cases, reminisce over
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