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Some of the extensions you can download in the Armory area of the FG forums add some additional functionality for management, but it it isn't close to management like RW.

Also FG is getting ready to launch the Unity version which will have dynamic mapping, animated terrain, etc. and all classic FG content is compatible and will be so no need to re-buy anything you own for it or upgrade any existing module content.

Upgrade price to Unity is going to be super cheap if you have Classic. If you want to have both Classic and Unity you need to get Classic an upgrade. Unity Kickstarst May 1st and is expected for release in December with Kickstarters getting beta access.

Make sure if you get FG for Pathfinder to link your Paizo account to the FG store as the FG versions of Paizo products are discounted.

I use both RW and FG. FG is what I use to run and lately I've only bothered to convert some stuff to RW if just revealing in in FG is good enough. Main world is in RW along with anyhing that will get referenced often and modules are usually in FG right now as many are not going to be revisited or need of detailed referencing again.
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