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Originally Posted by Exmortis View Post
I think I did both today trying them, but just in case I will do them again tomorrow. One for sync issue and the other for conversion.

However no actually issues importing.

Oh and yes, I like the new site, and the new and improved store front over the old HL one. Very nice upgrade to be sure.
So David got in contact with me on both cases.

The issue blocking my conversion was fixed within two emails (like 24hrs) and a correction missed previously in a default topic. Once he pointed it out, I remembered a forum thread where Rob and I discussed changing default topics due to their adding custom realms. I thought I had gone back, corrected and add new topics covering my customizations (like 50 or so). Thanks David! my campaign is now Pathfinder!

The sync issue has been pinpointed, though I am unable to locate the offending issue in the realm. An expected feature update in the near future should aid me in pinning it down and resolving it. Seems my sync is generating a 68MB update chunk. so looks like light at the end of the tunnel for my sync issue.

Thanks to David for helping me solve the issues.

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