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A new update of the Shadowrun 5 files for Hero Lab is now available. This update makes Street Lethal available as a new package.

Street Lethal

Here's the full list of changes for this update:
New Releases!

  • Content from Street Lethal is now available as a new package! You can purchase this by choosing "Purchase Data Package" from the License menu.
Enhancements & Changes

  • -
Bug Fixes

  • When adding a stream quality to a character during advancement, the cost would be listed as 40 karma (although once added to the character, the cost was correct at 20 karma).
  • The Better on the Net quality was not applying its bonus if it was added as an advancement.
  • The price of the Garage (Helicopter) lifestyle add-on was incorrect.
  • The Rupture spell was incorrectly listed as a Manipulation spell, and also had incorrect subtypes and range.
  • On a character with a long armor list, the Resistance tables at the bottom of the tab could get pushed off the screen.
  • SURGE was incorrectly being disallowed for characters with the Drake or Infected qualities.
Data File Authoring

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