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Originally Posted by enjeruookami View Post
You are correct. The feat doesn't make my effective druid level exceed my character level. The -3 penalty from the bear drops me from a level 2 effective druid level to a -1 effective druid level and then then feat brings me up from a -1 druid level to a lvl 2 druid level.
The actual wording of Animal Companion on this regard is:
"Should she select an animal companion from one of these alternative lists, the creature gains abilities as if the character's druid level were lower than it actually is."

As similar as it seems to be, this is not a penalty. It isn't taking out your Druid level to let you get the Companion, it is teaching you how the Companionacquires benefits, while Natural Bond gives you a bonus to effective Druid level.

You cannot use Natural Bond to offset this.
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