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Originally Posted by Sendric View Post
Natural Bond only increases your effective Druid level if you have class levels in something other than Druid. So your character's Druid level is 2 with or without Natural Bond. You cannot increase your Druid level to something above your character level even with this feat.

Hope that answers your question and welcome to Hero Lab!

Thank you for responding to my question. With regards to how Natural Bond is supposed to work in regards to being able to take the alternate animal companion is the negative and positive modifiers are simultaneous. You can apply your modifiers in the most beneficial order. Outside of standard order of operations (remember, addition and subtraction are simultaneous). When you summon a bear there is a -3 to your effective druid level (not actual subtraction from physical level, but just a balance modification if you will). When you take the Natural Bond feat you gain a +3 effective druid lvl. This feat has nothing to do with your lvl stats but just your effective druid lvl. So you take the penalty for summoning a bear, and then the feat give you a bonus that puts you back up.
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