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I am a new user to the Hero lab d20 system. I was recently creating a druid with the ability to taking a black bear attempting to use the Natural bond feat. With my first attempt at just using the hero lab installed items I wasn't able to find the natural bond feat in the listed feats. I sent an email to support and as I await a reply i found the forums with the secondary source material. I followed the steps and nothing happened. I found the manual import files and I manually imported what I believe to be the current files and that is the Lawful_G_d20(v1.24) files and d20_StockP(v1.01) files. Upon uploading these items a bunch of things that was missing appeared, as well as the natural bond feat (yay). But now the feat isn't interacting as it is supposed to do and my hero lab shows my bear at being only lvl 1. I started as a lvl 1 druid and I just recently leveled up my character but the bear is still just lvl one and because it doesnt fully recognize the validity of the feat to the bear it says lvl 0+3 and thinks that there are too many levels or if you look at the bear profile it says bear lvl 1-3. Did I do something wrong? I have attached my .por for those to view and tell me whats up.
Natural Bond only increases your effective Druid level if you have class levels in something other than Druid. So your character's Druid level is 2 with or without Natural Bond. You cannot increase your Druid level to something above your character level even with this feat.

Hope that answers your question and welcome to Hero Lab!
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