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fatherdante wrote:
> The natural bond feat adds 3 levels to a characters effective druid
> level when determining the abilities of your animal companion.
> How would I add this so that it automatically transfers to a ranger's
> animal companion?

The animal companion is controlled by a pick with the unique id
"cAnimComp", with a "CompLevel" field that controls the level of the
animal companion. So you should be able to write a script that does this:

hero.childfound[cAnimComp].field[CompLevel].value += 3

For this purpose, the phase and priority have to be set specifically,
because of how tightly companions have to be integrated into the order
of stuff. Specifying a phase and priority of First/499 should do the trick.

Hope this helps,

Colen McAlister,
Chief Engineer, Lone Wolf Development
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