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This seems like an odd thing to ask for I've been using Hero Lab for quite a while there a way to turn off the configure your new hero tab that pops up when you launch the program? I know you can just double click on an existing profile to launch but I would like the option of the game launching and then giving me the opportunity to load the profile I wish to, instead of always creating a new character and then loading the profile I need.

I do get the following error when I load a couple of profiles after the 2.0 update :
Critical information not found in data files: Ruleset 'OptShowLWD'

Also, I can't seem to move money from my cleric to my horse...perhaps this is in the design, but keeping money in saddle bags seems like a much better idea than lugging it all around all the time.

Any ideas?

One last thing for Vista users, I was unable to use the automatic update downloading with Vista until I enabled the application to run as adminstrator and then it would successfully download new updates.


And really nice job on the new features.
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