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Originally Posted by Farling View Post
Hi Absinthe,
Is there any chance of sharing one of the files generated by the tool so that I can check the file to see if my tool is putting some rubbish into the file?

Generally there are two limitations at the moment:
- you have to create a copy of any predefined categories which you want to import data into.
- you have to export a structure from a different realm from the one into which you are importing the new data. (I created a blank realm merely to copy some predefined categories and then generate the structure-only export file.)
Hey Farling,

Yeah, that's what I've been doing - New realm --> create duplicate of topics (in this case creature, feat and magic items) --> export structure --> create .rwexport file using your tool --> import into new blank realm --> receive error haha.

I've uploaded the structure file and also my latest attempt (Feats General Test) to my drive.

Thanks for all your effort.
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