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I just reproduced this problem. It looks like we broke something in the crunch to get all the editing stuff in place. :-(

I'll be researching this tonight and will be doing my best to get it fixed right away. Stay tuned for a status update....

Sorry for the hassle,

At 08:56 AM 1/4/2007, you wrote:

I don't know if an issue like this is appropriate for the forum or not, if not feel free to remove it and scold me.

Has anyone else installed the latest HL 1.0c and been unable to save a portfolio?

The application shuts down and the log error text is:
1.0.c 103
Address: 0x0043b4bc
Type: bad read

WinXPSP2. I have tried un/reinstalls, I did purchase and activate a valid license.
I sent an email to the support email address, haven't heard a reply yet, just thought I'd throw some wider feelers out there.

Also neither Google nor Microsoft return any results for the address listed in the error.

Any thoughts?
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