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Originally Posted by psych777 View Post
ah ha!

yeah i had clicked on the staged trying to see if that would fix things. unchecked them. then realized my mistake from what you mentioned, i had actually installed the 3pp pack on the new folder through herolab, which downloads a set of the files. so uninstalled the third party pack and redid the pull and looks just fine now
Sweet that looks much better!

Originally Posted by psych777 View Post
about the right justified. is it just some spaces you put in before the code? how many?
In the editor the first character should align with the first character for the Priority and you would add one "blank" line first.. I can get a picture/example once I get home.

In the XML it looks like this:
<eval phase="PostLevel" priority="10000"><![CDATA[
  ~ If we're disabled, do nothing
  doneif (tagis[Helper.FtDisable] <> 0)
  ~ If we have not chosen then get out now
  doneif (field[usrChosen1].ischosen <> 1)
  var iX as number
  ~ Calculate the array value which is class level minus one
  ~ as we start at zero
  iX = field[usrChosen1].chosen.field[cTotalLev].value - 1
  ~ Increase class ready number by one
  field[usrChosen1].chosen.field[cKnowTot].matrixvalue[iX,1] += 1
The first character aligned with the "v" in the word <eval. Following LW standards indenting should always be "two" characters:

If (1 = 1) then
  ~ do something
My only thing is you will see LW use this standard where they line up the 'endif' with the indented code:
If (1 = 1) then
  ~ do something
Personally I think that is outdated and hard to read. So I never do that unless I am giving something to LW to add officially.

So pretty much just asking that we "try" and keep things consistent. So if you want to use three spaces to indent that is fine. But always use three spaces then.

I won't actually "do" code reviews but if you see me push changes to GitHub with a comment of "align scripts" you will know what I am doing.

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