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I hate to ask this but when you guys are doing the new scripts or making changes can we "line" up the scripts please. I spent allot of time aligning them in the XML. If you ever opened a script done by LW you will see the code is RIGHT justified like so:

     field[abValue].value += field[xCount].value
     field[livename].text = "Enhanced Mind Blade +" & field[abValue].value
     field[abSumm].text = "You can enhance your Mind Blade with a total enhancement bonus of +" & field[abValue].value & "."
     field[listname].text = "Enhanced Mind Blade +" & field[xIndex].value
The reason is so that it lines up correctly when you view it in RAW XML.

Take a look at this LINK on GitHub you can see the scripts where just changed (in green) and they are now left justified instead of where you can see the old "red" code was right justified.

Ok I am probably being a little "OCD" on this but it just looks so much nicer when viewed in XML.

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