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I have to admit, I did a little happydance when I found out that Individual Character Reveal was the #2 item to be worked on from the survey.

As to tags working with this, I'm not sure how that would be done, as tags are pretty much binary. A topic either has a tag or it doesn't.

Going back to my example images in the first post, if there was a 'Revealed to Matador' tag, then a search on that tag would bring up Khazamon, but you'd still have to spend some time looking to see which snippets about Khazamon were revealed to Matador.

I'm assuming that 'Enter Player Mode' will be changed to 'Enter Character Mode' and there will be a drop-down menu that will allow you to see what each individual character sees, in which case you could see precisely what Matador sees.

If the tag was applied to the topic title (as to whether the topic itself was revealed to a character), you could do a search for 'Revealed to Matador + 'Revealed to Pundgy' + 'Wizard' to see which wizards are known to Matador and Pundgy. In this case, Khazamon would appear in the search as he has been revealed to both characters and he is a wizard. However, if you did a search for 'Revealed to Matador + 'Revealed to Bryony' + 'Wizard', Khazamon would still appear because he has been revealed to both characters and he is a wizard. Except the fact that he *is* a wizard has not been revealed to Bryony.

Sorry if this is a bit rambling and disjointed. Haven't reached my coffee quota yet.
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