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I'm not sure I understand why PC tags would require an entirely new tag system. Tags are already in place and the tag lists are user extensible. My suggestion simply leverages what already exists. Rob loves tags!

What doesn't exist is a way to attach tags to other mechanics like the reveal button. I'd recommend left click reveal all (green button like we have already); right click open multi-tag list (blue button).

With tags we could see exactly which NPCs a PC (or PCs) have spoken to, or the locales they have knowledge of, or, or, or...and we could edit those topics immediately.

With tags we could see whether John + Jim + The Villain are a valid search. If nothing comes up, then those two PCs don't have information about The Villain in common.

With tags we could see whether John has been active in any Frog God Games content.

With tags and some LWD witchery, we could look for patterns across multiple realms! Ok, getting carried away. This would take a little more work and I don't know what the gain would be.... But it's theoretically possible and might be good for looking for content in your multi-realm library to find that NPC that you really think would work well in this instance so you could export/import her.
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