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Originally Posted by CptCoots View Post
Okay so a few things.
  1. Updated Arcane Thesis

Arcane Thesis: I saw something really weird when I was testing this with the finished Incantatrix. It was allowing metamagic feats that do not adjust level to incur a -1 to the level, but only when they were not the only metamagic feat on the spell. I think this is not okay. In no way should it be easier. So I adjusted the code slightly to check to make sure the mmLevel>=1 before incrementing the potential level reduction (LvlRed). Example: You put City Spell and Maximize on a Ray of Frost and you have the Arcane Thesis: Ray of Frost feat. Normally Maximize gives a +3 level adjustment (LA) and City Spell gives a +0 LA incurring a total of +3 LA. But with arcane thesis each takes a -1 bonus so now the LA is +1. Compare this to when you just Maximize the spell as incur a +2 LA. See? That is stupid.
Arcane Thesis also currently has an annoying functionality where all versions of spells in your spellbook and memorized are available for selection. Anyone know how to restrict this to just spellbook or known?
Can you provide the exact line of code you added/modified so I can insert it into my copy? I would to make sure we match exactly before I distribute it.

I think there's a way to restrict the spells, but I have to do some digging to figure it out. I agree, it is annoying.

Update: Nevermind about the code. I just realized you put it in the incantatrix file.

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