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If you're configuring an NPC (not available is set as a PC [Control-K] to change that), there is a hammer & wrench icon on the Background Tab.

If you select that, you have the option on what you'd like to customize.
The top most option is to Customize Racial Special Abilities.

I'd guess whatever you've added and would like either hidden or removed is somewhere in there.
Lots of things you can change, or add.
Anything you do add will have the "x" to click and remove.


In theory, you could use the adjustment "Ability Disable & Hide" on the Adjust Tab, and then scroll down and find whatever is there that you don't want to see.
And select it, to both remove it from the character/monster, and to hide it on the display or printout.
Not sure if that works for everything, but it does for most things.
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