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Originally Posted by draco963 View Post
OK, so I'm making some Legacy items (I know, I know, broken; it's the spirit of the campaign), and I've come across something that's tripping me up...

The current WoL file has only gotten as far as a few weapons in it. I'm making some custom items, one of which is a shield and the other some gloves. Now, the entire structure of the WoL stuff is built around dependency on some feats being granted, which is done using the WoL permanent adjustment and which attaches specifically to an individual selected item.

That's all fine, and works as intended. Except, the existing adjustment allows one to select only weapons, and not armour or gear. I've tried editing the existing adjustment entry or making my own, but the drop-down list Show Menu in the Editor doesn't show options for armour or gear, and I haven't been able to figure our how the option Current Weapons was programmed, as I can't find anywhere its tag, YourWep, so as to mimic it.

Can anyone give me a pointer? Thanks!
Add the following eval script at Pre-Levels/10001

~ Add armor to our dropdown list

field[pCandExpr].text &= " | (component.BaseArmor & !Helper.Static)"
This will add any armor the character has. You can add to the above with similar flags for any gear you want to be able to display as well.

PS I forgot this file even existed.
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